Edgell Grove Cemetery

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More tools of the trade

Thanks Brian for a great idea!

Cameras – left to right

1) Kodak 3A Series II, 2) Welta Compur-Rapid, 3)Paxina, 3) Pinhole camera, 4) Kodak Signet 35, 5) Contax N1,

Films – left to right

1) Kodacolor X 35 mm, 2) Kodak Portra 400VC 120 mm, 3) Kodak, Kodacolor 120 mm, 34) 35 Fuji G-400 processed film,

Guardian – Yoda

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Shoe Shelf

Built by me

3 – 2 x 2 x 8 Furring Strips @ $1.47 = $4.41

1 – 1 x 12 x 12 Pine Board @ $21.34 = $21.34

1 box – 25, 6 x 1-5/8 Phillips flat head wood screws @ $5.58 = $5.58

1 box – 25, 6 x 2-1/4 Phillips flat head wood screws @ $5.58 = $5.58

 Total Materials =  $36.91

A small selection

Wife’s Initial Comment:

 “Why in the world did you build me a shoe shelf?”


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“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.”

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Snow and Ice

Ice free car

After shoveling a path to the vehicles and cleaning off the windshields, the skid loader came by and cleaned the two parking spaces near our vehicles. So we moved our cars, Subaru and Honda, to the spaces currently occupied. Next, the loader cleared the spaces we occupied. Hopefully, mother nature will be kind and not leave leave too much of an ice coating tomorrow morning for us to remove.

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Good Times

Looking over some old photos and I found one of my favorites, not so much for the aesthetic quality but because I’m sitting next to a great friend.

Ford Mustang, top down, commute home

Thursday, April 8, 2004

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Hair Cut

Russell was a rescue during Sarah’s junior year of vet school.  A colleague found him by the side of the road, barely alive, with his right front leg nearly ripped off his body.  The surgery that followed saved his life but required the leg’s amputation.  Consequently, Russell has difficulty grooming and is prone to mats.  He also has a giant left front leg, that he uses to move like lightning to chase his buddies.  He also suffers from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, unrelated to his missing forelimb.

Though he struggled, he felt better afterwords.  1/3 of hair removed pictured above.

Happily grooming.

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Snow Shoveling – January 2011

Canon Power Shot, program mode, ISO 80, f4, 250 sec, 6 mm, evaluative metering

As Sarah shoveled snow from around the car, I though a series of before and after pictures might be worth taking to document her progress.  (My wife and I did take turns shoveling.)  I realized what might be just as interesting as a series of before and after images was what I was viewing most of our time together, snow fly.  So I relocated behind the adjacent truck and snapped a few images.  Looking at my results, I should have moved behind our car in order to crop out the adjacent truck, which does not seem all that interesting.  Next time, I will move further back behind the snow pile or on top of the pile, which might provide an even more interesting perspective.  There seems to be a cyan hue to the snow, that I’m not sure how to address before taking the picture.  The hue is less noticeable in the “after” picture .



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Lunch – Stuffed Pepper

Canon Power Shot, auto exposure mode - ISO 1600, f2.8, 1/50 sec., 7 mm, 1/8/11

After making my lunch, I thought I’d take a picture of my meal.  I grabbed a cookbook off the shelf but really did not like the composition until Bunny showed some interest.  I fired off a shot, then decided I was more interested in eating than photography.

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Cats on the desk


ISO 200, f2.8, 1/20 sec., Canon PowerShot 8/17/10

The meter and flash on this point and shoot camera has limits.  Although the automatic mode did a fairly good job exposing the main subject, I have found it nearly impossible to diffuse the flash or alter its power.  The image below of Einstein has nearly the same problem as this image, a washed out window in the background.  On other occasions, like today, I repeatedly tried to meter the window and use the flash to fill in the front, but because the flash power cannot be altered or bounced, capturing the trees and sky outside the window is simply impossible.

What's on TV?

Hey, camera man!  How come you didn’t turn off the TV?  Why did you cut out my feet?  What’s wrong with you?

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